How we build good software

We do two things to ensure high quality software – Have solid development practices and hire good talent.We really work hard to hire and retain high quality talent.We have stringent recruitment processes which include an online coding test.


The adoption of CI/CD has changed how developers and testers ship software. At Bit Canny the use of latest DevOps practices has ensured minimal bugs and negligible downtime for our client websites.


Agile and Scrum are based on an incremental and iterative product development process that ensures that the end product is built with constant feedback. At Bit Canny collaboration between cross-functional and self-organizing teams fuels solutions that helps us meet tight deadlines.

Strategic design

What instructions should an app give in order to guide a human open a Bluetooth lock? What sort of alarm is appropriate when a security breach is detected? How should a Voice Interface be designed for Alexa smart homes? Designing strategic user interfaces requires deep thinking.

Technologies that lift us a bit


Ruby On Rails

It is the backbone of quite a few of our web applications. Ruby On Rails is a platform that encourages good coding practices such as Test Driven Development(TDD).


AWS services

The Cloud based hosting on Amazon is helping our clients use managed features like AWS IOT(Internet of Things) and host docker images on platforms like ECS(Elastic Container Services). Some of the other AWS(Amazon Web Services) platforms we have expertise on include Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS(Simple Queue Service), Cognito,



Building web applications and mobile APIs on Node.JS is simple and fast. Besides on the traditional web server, we use it for serverless web apps using Lambda and also inside embedded IOT hardware.


React Web

We are building some stunning, fast and responsive user interfaces using react.


Native mobile apps

Blending native code and react native apps helps us develop stunning apps within a fraction of the cost and time. Our mobile team is strong in platforms like Android, iOS and React Native. Our UX team and mobile team know what it takes to build good apps.


Take the challenge

At Bit Canny we love to hire and nurture good talent. We have assignments and tests for different programming roles and levels. A good analytical brain and attention to details is required to do well with our otherwise simple screening test. Any developer up for the challenge can drop in at and We have openings in Kolkata.

Few of our best performances

Why work at Bit Canny?

Opportunity to grow technical skills.

Great and friendly atmosphere

Work on latest technologies