Starting from diffing algo

Introduction Are you aware of how the diffing algorithm works for react? Do you know how does the browser get to know which part of the DOM has been changed? In this article I will offer you guys a step by step analysis of what exactly is happening between the browser that the Js library […]

Monoidal behavior in JavaScript

The term monoid is a bit aggressive and intimidating. In practice, though, it’s actually a very simple concept with very powerful applications not only in mathematics but in application code and programming language design. To begin, let’s define another stealthy concept — a Semigroup. Semigroup Semigroups are more of a recent concept relative to its […]

Set timeout 0 Vs promise

My name is Abhisek. Currently, I am working as JS Team lead in Bitcanny. As part of the work, I help juniors to understand the JS standards and echo system. During the training one of my juniors came accross that which one will execute fast if we write setTimeout with 0 and a promise. I […]

What is React JS & Why to use it? Is it front-end or back-end?

Are you planning to make your career on building websites? If so, you should have some pretty good knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many others. Nowadays, lots of new coding languages & technologies are being introduced in the world. You must have come across the name- “React JS”.  Before diving into the following topic, […]

Transformation of Web Technologies to mobile app- Web vs Native vs Hybrid

How The Web Surfing behaviour of Humans have changed From the onset of the year 2015, marketers and business people around the world saw a huge change in the way people use the internet generally.. Most notably, in May 2015, we saw that more people were using their mobile devices to search for things online […]

Flutter vs React Native : A developer’s point of view

Current world witnesses mobile phones being the epithet of the “soul of man”. In such a world, when it comes to mobile application development, giants like Facebook, Google, Myntra, Airbnb and others rush and jostle against each other to offer their potential customers apps with superlative user interfaces, outstanding user experience, compatibility with multiple platforms […]